There are Over 15 different RSO Training Programs - Which One is Right for You?

Not all RSO training programs are equal; each training is specifically tailored to address the type of Operating License your company has been assigned.  It is therefore necessary for you to know beforehand which License Type you fall under before enrolling in a training program to ensure it qualifies.

The colored table in the next section below facilitates a high-level overview of the 2 License Types that Radiation Solutions, Inc. offers training for.  The table includes the application(s), example devices, and common manufactures to help you quickly identify whether or not these apply to you. If you don’t see your License Type in the table below,  you can view a more complete table with all 15 types here


Radiation Solutions Training Courses

Each of the darker purple or green colored areas below present the training courses we offer; simply click on the one you are interested in and it will take you to that course page so you can see all the available class types, locations, schedules, pricing and other details.