Area Radiation Surveys

Industrial process gauges, irradiators, and storage areas for portable nuclear devices or other radioactive materials require area radiation surveys whenever they are moved, installed, or stored.  10 CFR 20.1501 requires initial surveys of the area to verify radiation doses received by those in the immediate vicinity do not exceed their allowable doses for routine operations.

Additional surveys of an area are required anytime there are any physical changes to the device, the quantity, or layout changes in the immediate vicinity. All nonroutine operations also require a new survey once completed.  These nonroutine operations include relocation, removal from service, dismantling, alignment, replacement, and disposal of the radioactive sealed source.  It also includes all maintenance and repair of components related to the radiological safety of the gauge.

Radiation Solutions performs area radiation surveys using NIST calibrated survey meters and qualified personnel.  A report of each device location is provided and an immediate notification given if the dose rates exceed their limits.  We also report any other unexpected conditions we encounter and offer solutions to bring the gauge into full compliance.