Regulatory Compliance Support

Regulatory Challenges

Understanding all nuclear regulatory compliance mandates can be challenging.  The designated RSO is the person the regulators hold totally responsible for full compliance to the terms of their license and all pertinent parts of regulations 10 CFR Parts 19, 20, 30 and 49 CFR Part 172.

Radiation Solutions can help your firm be complaint in a variety of ways.

Customized Support

Radiation Solutions offers customized support to fit your regulatory compliance issues ranging from answering a simple question all the way to managing your full radiation protection program.  No need is too small or too large. 

Don’t procrastinate – Call Us!  

It won’t cost you anything but your time to learn how we can help you.

Experienced Professional

We are fully licensed by the NRC and have over 30 years of direct involvement in supporting RSOs all across the US.  We’ve seen and been involved in every scenario you can ever imagine.  We not only know what the regulations say, but we know how that applies to your specific conditions.  We can also help mitigate any infractions or findings and help get you back into full compliance in short order. 

The New RSO

If you’re a newly minted RSO and either don’t know what to do next or find yourself in a jam because your records are in a mess or missing, we can help.  This scenario happens more often than one would believe, so you are not alone.  We can help you get things sorted out quickly, get you trained, and put you and your company on the path to full compliance in short order.

Documentation Organization

Documenting all your work is key to maintaining compliance.  Having all the required documentation well organized not only helps keep you better organized, it also shows regulatory inspectors you know what you are doing.

To facilitate organizing your records, Radiation Solutions has designed a system that aligns your records with regulations.  This simple system helps you to more easily retrieve your records, update them as needed, and assure better compliance.

Let us show you how you can keep files better organized to optimize your radiation safety program compliance.

Contract RSO

We can be contracted to be your firm’s RSO either on a temporary or long term basis.  We perform this function for several companies and it relieves them from the need to hire and train their own full time RSO.  For smaller companies, this route makes perfect sense.  Contact us to see how good a fit this can be for your firm.

Regulatory Audit Findings
Response Assistance

In the event you received one of more findings following a formal audit by regulator authorities from the NRC or your state agency, you’ll want to close out those findings as soon as possible.  Radiation Solutions can help mitigate those findings and prepare responses to the regulators. 

We have experience dealing with regulators and know specifically how to respond to their findings and the best manner of response.  Findings like this are publicly posted and can be seen by your investors, your competitors, and your fellow workers.  So the sooner you can resolve the issue, the happier everyone involved will be. 

To avoid findings in the first place, we highly recommend independent outside audits to avoid costly fines and embarrassments.  An independent audit is cheap insurance.

Independent Audit

Audits are required on an annual basis.  All elements of your radiation safety program can be inspected all at one time or spread out throughout the year.

Many find it helpful to call in our firm to perform an independent audit to see how well they are truly performing.  Our audits are designed to help the company RSO to assess his program, identify any shortcomings, provide RSO training at the same time, and help the RSO to be the best he/she can be.  Our audits are not to report to regulators nor your bosses, but to help the RSO exclusively.

A contracted independent audit is also an excellent way for new RSO’s to clearly document the state of the radiation safety program compliance when they assume control.  This has several benefits which include:

  • Discovering shortcomings right at the onset so they can be corrected immediately
  • Not taking blame for the shortcomings and errors of their predecessors
  • Getting a good overall view of the entire radiation safety program and all the requirements you are faced with