We offer Authorized User Radiation Safety Training in accordance with NUREG 1556 criteria for industrial nuclear devices.

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Authorized Users (AU) play a significant role in maintaining a regulatory-compliant radiation safety program and in assisting the RSO with all of their duties and responsibilities.

Radiation Solutions offers several Authorized User courses in order to optimize the specifics of each nuclear device type as prescribed in NUREG 1556.

Each course is designed:

  • To meet regulatory requirements for Authorized Users per the industrial nuclear device type
  • Help you get your certification as quickly and easily as possible.

We are proud of our high student pass rate resulting from our expertise and ability to simplify complex technical and regulatory subjects.

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We offer up to three different ways to take each of our courses.
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Log into our online cloud-based eLearn courses and learn at your own pace when and where you can fit into your schedule. These video-based courses deliver high-quality content with the added benefit of being able to review any part(s) as often as you like.

Monthly Webinars


Go online and log into one of our pre-scheduled monthly, live webinars to join our expert as he delivers the course and answers any questions that arise. For those who prefer live interaction with the instructor and also listening in to other student’s questions, this is the course for you.  See our 2024 schedule.



If your site has several students, or if you have unique requirements such as teaching across different work shifts, or combining training with our other onsite services, then having our instructor travel directly to your site may be the best solution.  Contact us to schedule a visit to your site.

Authorized User Radiation Safety Courses

Authorized User
Fixed Nuclear Gauges

This 8 hour course is for initial and refresher Authorized User training for safely working on and around fixed type of nuclear gauges. The course teaches basic radiation principles and radiation safety that include understanding time, distance, and shielding, radiation exposure vs. contamination, allowable doses, dosimetry, and internal vs. external dose.

Emphasis is also given to gauge theory, routine maintenance functions permitted, operating and emergency procedures, and security during operations, transportation, and storage.  

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Authorized User
Portable Nuclear Gauges

This 8 hour course for Portable Nuclear Gauge Authorized Users teaches the hazards associated with radioactive materials and how to maintain radiation safety at all times.  The course covers Fundamentals of Radiation Safety, Equipment Handling, Transport, Storage, Control, Inspection & Maintenance, Operating & Emergency Procedures, and more. 

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Authorized User
Well Logging

This 8 hour course for Well Logging Authorized Users teaches the hazards associated with radioactive materials and how to maintain radiation safety at all times.  The course covers Fundamentals of Radiation Safety, Radiation Detection Instruments, Equipment Handling, Storage, Control, Inspection & Maintenance, Operating & Emergency Procedures, and more. 

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Experienced Radiation Safety Experts

Radiation Solutions’ trainers are highly qualified experts with many years of experience working in the field.  Their real-life experience enables them to better relate regulations and complex radiation safety principles and practices to the students.  Our friendly and relaxed teaching style also helps newcomers to “radiation” to  better comprehend and absorb the subject matter so they can pass their exams and respect their important roles.

Radiation Simplified

Radiation is considered by many to be an extremely complex subject, but our courses simplify it so it can be easily understood.   Complex physics and math are avoided so anyone with at least a high school degree will have no problem in understanding how to be safe anytime they are around these nuclear materials.

Student High Success Rate

Radiation Solutions is proud of our very high success rate in completions.  Course materials are well laid out and are often accompanied by real-life examples or practicals so students can easily relate and retain what they are being taught.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trainees do not require a college degree or prior radiation training to take these radiation safety courses. All of our radiation safety courses are only available in the English language so all participants must be conversant in this language. Most successful trainees have a high school or better education.

As the field of radiation physics, dosimetry, etc., is a very complicated subject, many worry that these courses may be too overly complicated for them. Regulators understood correctly that use of pre-engineered nuclear gauges and irradiators only required a basic understanding and respect for the basic radiation principles and how to safely use these devices. Regulations are therefore written around this fundamental understanding in order to maximize their beneficial use. All complex math equations and subject matter that would require college or advanced degrees are completely avoided. Radiation Solutions has successfully constructed its courses so everyone can easily grasp the subject matter. We are especially proud of the fact that we have a very high percentage of students passing our courses.

A popular question is whether or not a test is given. The answer is yes; to receive a certificate from Radiation Solutions, the trainee must pass a final written exam with an 80% or better grade. The exam is open book, so all materials are available to students who need to quickly check their answers, look up a specific regulation, or review their notes, etc. All exams are retrieved and scored immediately following the conclusion of the course. Those passing, receive a signed certificate. Radiation Solutions keeps copies of the certificates on its cloud-backed company server so it can be retrieved later if needed.

There is no specific time frame specified for refresher radiation safety training training; however, the shipping authorization of radioactive materials does have time limits. As radioactive shipper training is included in the base Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and Authorized User (AU) training and certification provided by Radiation Solutions, they require updating periodically. Refresher training is required every three years for US DOT ground type shipping and every two years for IATA air shipments. Radiation Solutions offers HazMat Shipper Refresher courses to re-certify shipper requirements.

Many believe that there is a 40 hour long course requirement.  This is simply not true for RSO certification for Fixed and Portable Nuclear Gauges.  These courses meet all the training criteria of NUREG 1556 Vol 1 Appendix C (portable gauges) and  NUREG 1556 Vol 4, Appendix D (fixed gauges).  Neither of these guides nor the regulations upon which they are based require 40 hours of training for these two specific gauge types. 

The 40 hour requirement is; however, very true for other types of nuclear devices, products, or services that are higher risk such as in medicine, research, and food/medical supply irradiation etc.  These are identified in the other volumes of NUREG 1556.

Never-the-less, Radiation Solutions recognizes there are those who do wish to receive more thorough training so that when they take on the RSO role they are very well prepared and confident when working around radioactive devices.  We have therefore created a 40 hour Comprehensive RSO training course that covers all the same material given in our two day courses plus many extra practicals designed to familiarize students with real radioactive sources, radiation meters, and several types of gauges.  See our Comprehensive RSO Training Course for more info.  

None of the courses at the present time are accredited for CEU.

There are at least 15 different RSO classifications, each with unique training criteria to address the type of nuclear devices and processes.  It is therefore necessary for you to know beforehand which License Type you fall under before enrolling in a training program to ensure it qualifies.

The training offered by Radiation Solutions is for Fixed Gauges & Well Logging Industries.  To better understand this RSO classification or if you are uncertain which classification you fall under, you can view a complete table with all 15 types here