Radiation Solutions provides all the onsite and offsite nuclear gauge services you’ll need to maintain regulatory compliance.  

As an NRC-Licensed Service Provider with over 50 years of experience, we are highly qualified to assist you in a timely, responsible, and dependable manner to keep your business running safe and smooth. 

We Handle Everything Gauge Related For Our Clients

We have experience or are familiar with all the models of the major manufacturers in changing out sources, working on source holders, source mechanisms, shutters, and shutter controls. This includes the following:

Gauge Maintenance


In addition to routine nuclear gauge maintenance and activities, Radiation Solutions is certified to perform all non-routine maintenance or repairs related to the radiological components and operational safety of the gauge.

We help you stay on top of your gauge leak testing cycles per your license criteria.  Our service includes onsite testing or sending you kits and performing the analysis. We also offer leak test kits.

Shutter Testing


We are available to come onsite to provide these mandated services to meet your license requirements either whenever called upon or automatically per the manufacturer or your license specified frequency.


As gauges become obsolete or are no longer needed, Radiation Solutions can come retrieve, recover, and dispose of the radioactive sources in an efficient and low cost manner.  Learn more.

We use NIST certified instruments whenever we’re called upon to perform surveys.  These area surveys are automatically supplied with any non-routine services we provide.

Gauge Relocation


We can install new and used gauges, relocate them to a new location or plant, or dismantle a gauge and place it into storage.  All activities are fully documented and accompanied with appropriate documentation.

Source Reload


Whenever it makes financial sense to retain the gauge and replace the radioactive source, we can handle the change-out and dispose the old source at the same time.



We can calibrate nuclear gauges onsite when needed and also handle calibrating your radiation survey meters to NIST standards so you can be sure your process and radiological measurements are always within acceptable tolerances.

Procedure Development


Regulations require routine operating procedures and emergency procedures covering all radiological aspects of your process.  Radiation Solutions can write them for you or assist you in developing your own.

Available for Emergency Response

Radiation Solutions offers 24/7 support for radiological emergencies.

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