Radiation Leak Testing You Can Count On

Radiation Solutions offers radiation leak testing & analysis services to support NRC regulatory criteria for verifying your nuclear devices are not leaking radiation. Our services support testing at the frequency defined by the manufacturer and as noted in your Radioactive Materials License. We can send you sample kits or come onsite to collect the samples for you.

We use certified laboratory low-level counting equipment that are efficiency checked and accompanied by a current background count.  Our program conforms to the Model Leak Testing Program referenced in NUREG 1556 Vol 1 & 4 Appendix I to ensure meeting the detection sensitivity of 185 becquerels (0.005 microcuries).

Samples sent to our company laboratory are analyzed and returned within five business days following their arrival. Certificates with the results are emailed back to the sender by email. Anytime there is an actionable level detected, Radiation Solutions will immediately notify the sender. All certificates are stored on our local company server and backed up by a backup cloud service so they are always available and easily retrieved should you require another copy.

Order Leak Test Kits

Radiation Solutions offers convenient radiation leak test sample kits that can be shipped to you to perform the sample collection yourselves. Each kit includes the swipes, instructions, and a pre-addressed return envelope for your convenience.

Two separate kits are available; one for fixed type nuclear gauges, the other for portable nuclear density/moisture gauges.