License Types

Many think RSO training is all one and the same, unfortunately that is not true. There are at least 16 different License Types; each with customized RSO training criteria. The training criteria for each are all customized for the device, product, or process in which radioactive materials are involved. If you look at your company/facility operating license; it will specifically detail which License Type applies.

The table below presents a high level overview of each License Type accompanied by the application, devices used, and examples of manufacturers to help you quickly identify which License Type you fit into. It also shows which trainings Radiation Solutions offers for each License Type.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list, nor are all details complete, but hopefully it will help you to find your license type and know whether or not the training we offer is right for you.

For further guidance the table below also identifies the NUREG document and volume number that details the specific training criteria. You can find these NUREG documents and download them for free from the internet. The only exception are x-ray machines of various types which are not covered by the NRC, so you will have to go to your state to learn about what criteria are needed. Most states have pretty good online resources you can research as well.