RSO Training Course – Fixed and Portable Gauges


This RSO Training course by Radiation Solutions, Inc. fulfills the required training for Radiation Safety Officers to meet 10 CFR Part 30.33(a)(3) regulations for Fixed and Portable Nuclear Gauges and complies with the criteria in NUREG 1556 Vol 4 Appendix D and NUREG 1556 Vol 1 Appendix C.  Students receive training in two parts; first is the Fixed Gauge by eLearn.  Once that is completed, you will receive Portable Gauge training by a separate live webinar on the webinar date of your choice (indicated below).  See the course description below for more detail. 


This RSO Training course is required training for Radiation Safety Officers to meet 10 CFR Part 30.33(a)(3)  regulations for Fixed Nuclear Gauges and Portable Gauges. 

Students receive training in two parts; the first is the Fixed Gauge by eLearn.  Once all topics for Fixed Gauges are covered, the course concludes with a final exam covering all topics.  Upon completion, an official fixed and portable nuclear gauge certificate with your name and the completion date will be presented for you to download.

Once you’ve fully completed the Fixed Gauge training, the portable gauge training will be delivered via a two-hour webinar and separate short test.   Contact [email protected] to set up a mutually agreed time for the webinar.  A separate certificate will be mailed to you for this additional training. 

Radiation Trainees need to pass each final exam with 80% or better to receive their certificates.

This course complies with all criteria in NUREG 1556 Vol 4 Appendix D (fixed gauges) and NUREG 1556 Vol 1 Appendix C (portable gauges).

Students can log in to this course and materials for one full year from the date of purchase.

Once you pass the final exam, you will be able to download a Radiation Solutions pdf certificate that includes the course name, applicable regulations, your name, date of completion, and signature by the authorized trainer.

There is no specific requirement for retraining for this job certificate.  It only suggests that one would be wise to retake this course periodically to update oneself on any new regulations or requirements that may have been forgotten.

This eLearn course is typically finished in 14- 16 hours so it can be completed in as little as two days.  The additional one-on-one webinar for Portable Nuclear Gauges is 1-2 hours.

Because of its highly concentrated form, the eLearn materials presented are equivalent to 40 hours of traditional classroom instruction; however, there is no 40-hour requirement for RSO training for fixed gauges as is often believed or promoted. 

The 40-hour requirement is; however, very true for other types of nuclear devices, products, or services that are higher risk such as in medicine, research, and food/medical supply irradiation, etc.  These are identified in the other volumes of NUREG 1556.

If you wish to have a customized course, contact JC at 208-206-3203.

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