Webinar Radiation Safety Officer – Fixed Gauge


This live, online webinar-based RSO Training course by Radiation Solutions, Inc. fulfills the required training for Radiation Safety Officers to meet 10 CFR Part 30.33(a)(3) regulations for Fixed Nuclear Gauges and complies with the criteria in NUREG 1556 Vol 4 Appendix D.


This monthly, live, online webinar RSO Training course is required training for Radiation Safety Officers to meet 10 CFR Part 30.33(a)(3)  regulations for Fixed Nuclear Gauges and complies with all criteria in NUREG 1556 Vol 4 Appendix D.  It also reviews all the pertinent regulations covered under 10 CFR Parts 2, 19, 20, 21, 30, 31, 32, 37, 71, 110, 150, 170, and 171.

This course includes 5 lessons; each one divided into several topics.  Once all topics are covered, the course concludes with a final exam covering all topics.  Trainees need to pass the final exam with 80% or better to receive their certificate.


Webinars are routinely held around the third week of each month.  See our posted schedule.  When you purchase this course, you can select the desired month with its pre-determined webinar dates.  Once purchased, you will receive an email from Radiation Solutions sometime during the week of the webinar with the webinar starting time and login credentials.


Once you pass the final exam, you will be emailed a Radiation Solutions pdf certificate that includes the course name, applicable regulations, your name, completion date, and the authorized trainer’s signature.


There is no specific requirement for retraining for this job certificate.  It only suggests that one would be wise to retake this course periodically to update oneself on any new regulations or requirements that may have been forgotten.


The course takes approximately 16 hours over two consecutive days.  This includes a few 10-minute breaks and a one-hour lunch each day.



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Training Date

Once your order is received, our sales personnel will contact you to register you for the desired webinar date.

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• Spotlight – Safety Culture
• Spotlight – RSO Duties and Responsibilities
• Nuclear Gauge Overview
• Homework – Glossary

• Radiation Fundamentals
• Units of Measurement
• Scientific Notation
• Radiation Sources
• Radiation Exposure and Dose
• Biological Effects & Risk
• Harmful Effects of Radiation
• Exposure Limits
• Inverse Square Law
• Radiation Monitoring & Dosimetry
• Safety Responsibility
• Radiation Survey Meters
• Radiation Meter Operation
• Contamination Surveying People

• User Training for Fixed Gauges
• Fixed Gauge Types
• Nuclear Gauge Detection Principles
• Gauge Operating Procedures
• Gauge Installation
• Non-Routine Operations & Maintenance
• Routine vs. Non-Routine Maintenance
• Emergency Actions
• Gauge Area Surveys
• Leak Tests
• Shutter Checks

• RSO Training
• Radiation Dose & Dose Rate Calculation Methods
• RadProCalculator
• US DOT Training
• Radiation Safety Program Elements
• RSO Responsibilities
• Regulatory Inspections
• License Types
• Emergency Actions
• Radwaste Disposal
• Radioactive Hazmat Shipping
• Homework – Audit Detail

Final Exam