Annual Audit

10 CFR 20.1101 regulations require annual radiation safety program audits be conducted to review your radiation safety program.  The audits are to verify that your radiation safety program complies with all applicable NRC and US DOT regulations as well as the terms of your license.  Equally important; is verifying that the occupational doses and does to the public are ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable).

Performance-based reviews are encouraged by observing work in progress, interviewing staff, and spot checking required records. 

Records of the audits are to be maintained and retained for 3 years per 10 CFR 20.1101 and 10 CFR 20.2103(a).

Many choose to perform self-audits, which is perfectly acceptable.  We recommend occasional if not regular outside, independent audits by experienced experts such as ourselves.  Our audit offers a totally unbiased and comprehensive review that usually uncovers one or more areas needing improvement.   Secondly, it is a great way to help a new RSO or those already overburdened with too many other responsibilities.

Our extensive experience in the industry enables us to pinpoint many of the typical problems we’ve witnessed in others programs.  In most cases, only a few corrections or adjustments are required to ensure your radiation program receives violation-free regulatory audits. 

Our thorough inspection follows NUREG 1556 guidelines for your program so you can be assured all areas are adequately addressed.   Following our review of your program, we provide you with a detailed audit report that represents each regulatory requirement that you must comply with.  We also include a corrective action form for any potential non-compliance findings.

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