Radiation Safety Officer Services

for Industry

Nuclear Gauge Services

Radiation Solutions is available 24/7 to meet all your routine and non-routine nuclear gauge service needs.


Receive regulatory compliance certification with our self-paced eLearn or monthly live online training courses.

Rad Disposal

Disposing radioactive materials can be complex and expensive. Radiation Solutions strives to simplify and reduce costs through its cost-efficient, hassle-free process.

Compliance Support

Need regulatory compliance help? We can supplement your radiation safety program or manage the entire program for you.

Radiation Safety Services

Radiation Solutions is a radiation safety services company that provides radioactive material licensees support services for regulatory compliance to NRC and state regulations.  

We primarily serve industrial institutions that utilize nuclear gauges, irradiators, and XRF scanners in their operations.  

Our company has over 50 years of experience and offers dependable and very cost-effective services to support your Radiation Safety Program.

Training that Fits Your Needs

Radiation Safety Training is mandated by 10 CFR 30.33(a)(3) regulations to ensure your radiation safety program is regulatory compliant.  We offer live monthly Webinars and 24/7 eLearn courses covering several types of required training.

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Overview of our Courses

  • Nuclear Gauges
    • RSO
    • Authorized User
  • Well Logging
    • RSO
    • Authorized User
  • Class 7 Hazmat
  • Radiation Fundamentals

Decommissioning & Disposal of Nuclear Devices & Sources

We have over two decades of experience in decommissioning and disposing of unwanted nuclear devices and radioactive sources.  To better mitigate rising disposal costs, we seek the most cost-effective disposal path for you.



Regulatory Compliance Support

Maintaining regulatory compliance can be challenging to new and experienced RSO personnel alike.  Radiation Solutions offers the outside radiological expert services your license requires.  

Program Assistance

We can help you setup a fully compliant radiation safety program, perform audits, provide training, or help you respond to regulator inquiries.

Manage Your Entire Program

We can manage your entire program so that you have more time to perform the critical and demanding daily tasks of your job.

Independent audits by Radiation Solutions can greatly improve the quality and compliance of your radiation safety program.  Our thorough audits are designed to assist the RSO in strengthening their program and avoiding findings by regulators.

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