AUTHORIZED USER – Fixed Gauge Lesson 2 Quiz B

Quiz Instructions

1 – If you would like some help during the test, first open the Materials link above and follow the instructions.

2 – Once you’ve started the test you must complete all questions otherwise you will have to retake the quiz.

3 – You need to pass with 80% or higher to be able to proceed to the next lesson.

Links to PDF Lesson Materials

The links below provide separate links for each lesson, accompanying spotlights, and homework assignments.

This test is open book, so you can reference these lesson materials to seek the correct answers.  Each test question is accompanied by a Hint button, that reveals the Lesson and slide number where the answers can be found.  To facilitate your efforts during the test, you can open a separate browser tab for each of these links for quick reference.

Once the quiz has started you must complete all questions.  If you leave the quiz before completing, you will have to start the quiz all over.